7 Simple Strategies to Dining Out, The Healthy Way

We love to eat out and try new restaurants!    It’s a fun date night and a great opportunity to catch up with friends:)  It’s an awesome release to a hectic week and you deserve some fun, dangit!

BUT (you knew there would be a big ol’ but coming:)….

What if you’ve been really on point with your diet… making awesome choices and seeing results- you’re sleeping better, you have tons of energy, your clothes are a little less tight.  So,  you’re really trying to stay on track with healthy eating and you know that all of the menu choices are going to be tough to avoid.

BUT, what if you made it about the friendship, the connection with your significant other?  Yeah, the food is good, and the wine is tasty but eating a few bites of something delicious tastes the same as if you eat the entire plate… get what I mean?   You don’t need to eat the entire piece of chocolate cake to know what it tastes like.

Here are my strategies for eating out!  I’d love to hear yours.  Leave a comment in my Facebook Group Healthy Happy Community.  This group has been a fun place to bounce around ideas.

7 Simple Strategies to Dining out, the Healthy Way:

  1.  Eat something before you go out… do not go hungry or you will order *all of the things* on the menu.   You don’t need to have an entire meal, but a small plate of protein, healthy fats and fiber (from veggies or a small salad) would be ideal.  EX:  a few slices of deli turkey (nitrate/nitrite free) with a slice of avocado rolled up.  Add a handful of grape tomatoes or a half of a red pepper sliced and you will take the edge off for sure.  A 1/2 cup of plain greek yogurt with some raspberries and a few almonds.  You get the idea:)
  2. The menu is just a suggestion… here’s what I mean- don’t blindly order whatever.  Check out the menu online before you go.  Don’t even take a menu when it’s offered … if you’ve checked it out ahead of time, you’re golden.
  3. Don’t be afraid to make substitutions.  Don’t want pasta with your shrimp?  Ask what veggies they have and order those instead.  Starchy veggies like squashes, zucchini, sweet potatoes are all great substitutions for pasta and rice.  AND green your meal- any and all green veggies are truly the best choice.
  4. Stay away from anything fried, crunchy, creamy, breaded, or glazed.  Lots of interesting stuff hiding out in those adjectives…. like gluten, oils, sugar, soy.
  5. Consider splitting your dish or splitting a bunch of appetizers.  If there’s no one who wants to share, simply eat half of the portions and box up the rest.
  6. Look at your plate and divide it into the following:  1/4 protein, 1/4 healthy fats, 1/2 veggies (fiber) of which a small portion can be starchy veggies.
  7. Finally- enjoy the company!  Strengthen your relationships and connect.


Have an awesome weekend and remember to keep up the hard work you’ve been putting in all week long… the longer you keep up with healthier choices the more your body will crave them!!





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